Local athlete headed back to world stage

The Cornwall Standard Freeholder
Aug 15, 2010

CORNWALL – Christina Judd-Campbell may seem like a normal, busy 20-something year-old but, she isn’t. She is much more.

Judd-Campbell is a 23-year-old horseback rider, student and worker who is heavily involved in athletics and is a solid competitor representing Canada as a rhythmic gymnast in the 2011 Special Olympics which will be held in Athens, Greece in June.

“She’s very disciplined and has such an amazing work ethic and I think that’s why she does as well as she does,” said her mother, Kathy Campbell.

In July 2006, Christina first competed the Special Olympics National Summer Games in Brandon, MB as a level 3 athlete, bringing home five gold medals and one silver medal. She also competed as part of Team Canada at the World Special Olympics in Shanghai, China in October 2007 where she would take home one gold medal and four silver medals in the top division and would become the only athlete to beat her strong Chinese competitor.

“Going on the floor I don’t watch who’s up before me I just do my routine. I just think about what my coach told me and the things he told me that I have to work on,” Judd-Campbell added. “I just do my routine.”

Last July, Judd-Campbell competed in the All-around Special Olympics rhythmic gymnastics, level 4 championship which automatically placed her on Team Canada once again and it also allows her to compete in Greece.

“I have five routines,” said Judd-Campbell.

“My goals are to do my best and have fun – and win gold medals,” she laughed.

Judd-Campbell keeps busy by working at Staples several days a week (Staples is also helping to sponsor her at the Special Olympics), she is a college student, she trains about three to four hours after completing her homework and then she participates in one of the many organized sports that she is involved with including horseback riding, ballet and snow shoeing in the winter months.

“Whenever I have the time, I like to read or go out with friends,” she said.

“She’s on the go all the time so we think it’s really important that she does have down time,” said her mother.

At the tender age of seven, Judd-Campbell was placed in the Campbell household as a foster child and been a beloved daughter to the family ever since.

She was a shy child with a intellectual disability and had to overcome some significant social obstacles in order to succeed but nobody would know that now.

“This has been a wonderful experience for her,” said Kathy.

The Special Olympics begin on June 25 until July 4.