Our National Gymnasts

The Ottawa Citizen, April 27, 2004.
10-year-old Mariam shows her prowess with ribbon at ORGC. Mariam is an A+ high school student now. She started Rhythmic Gymnastics in 2003 in our club when she was 9 years old. Mariam is currently the 1st ranked Rhythmic Gymnast in Canadian National Senior Team & Athlete of the Year 2010.

Christina Takes Gold Again at the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games.
After winning five medals for Canada at the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Shanghai China, Christina has won another five medals for Canada at the 2011 Games in Athens, Greece.

The Ottawa Citizen, February 19, 2002
Sarah, 14, practises with ribbon at ORGC. Sarah has been doing Rhythmic Gymnastics for over 12 years since 5. She and her teammate Amanda had won the silver medal at the 2005 Canadian RG Group Championships in Vancouver on Feb 27, 2005.

National Champions Holly & Jaimee
Our 2010 National Champions Holly & Jaimee. The duo had won the Canadian National RG Group Champion’s title at the 2010 Canadian RG Group Championships in Toronto on March 5, 2010. Holly has been with our club for 6 years since 9. She has recently been accepted into the prestigious School of Alberta Ballet as a Grade 9 student due to her strong ballet background