Year 2010

The Club’s 14th Annual Christmas Gymnaestrada Show, Ashbury College, December 5, 2010

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Leonarda1_1-720x1007Champion’s Day at Wonderland, Toronto, September 12, 2010
Two of our gymnasts (Tenzin & Kateleen) who had won gold medals at the 2010 Ontario Rhythmic Gymnastics Provincial Championships & Rhythmfest were invited by the Gymnastics Ontario to attend the award ceremonies & had a free tour of Wonderland on Sept 12, 2010. Congratulations!

The Club’s 14th Annual Summer Gymnaestrada Show, June 17, 2010

Ontario Provincial Championships & RhythmFest, Toronto, June 11-13, 2010
Gold: 8, Silver: 9, Bronze: 11. Congratulations!

Performance at the Gatineau City Hall, May 23, 2010

Performance at the Centerpointe Theatre, May 8, 2010 2010

2010 RG Provincial Qualifiers, Toronto
We sent a team to the competition and won 8 gold, 17 silver, 10 bronze, and many ribbons (4th-8th). Congratulations!

2010 Canadian RG Group Championships & Elite Canada Competition, Toronto, March 5, 2010
We sent a team (4 girls) to the competition and won one gold (Junior Duo), one silver, and two bronze. This was the second time our club won the Canadian National RG Group Champion’s title.

2010 Ontario Winter Games, Muskoka, Ontario, March 4-6, 2010
We sent 9 gymnasts to the 2010 Ontario Winter Games. Our girls’ team won one gold medal, 2 silvers, and 1 bronze. The medals were based on overall group performance only. About 200 athletes from across Ontario attended the Games.

Mississauga Newnorth Invitational, Toronto, Feb 28, 2010
Gold: 7, Silver: 9, Bronze: 3, Ribbons: 18(4th-8th). Congratulations!

2010 Kanata Cup, Feb 20-21, 2010
Gold: 21, Silver: many, Bronze: a lot. Congratulations!

The Olympium RGC 20th Annual competition, Etobicoke, Feb 5-7, 2010
Gold: 9, Silver: 8, Bronze: 7, Ribbons: 10(4th-8th). Congratulations!

Leonarda attended the 2nd International PGSE Cup in Budapest, Hungary, Jan 25-30, 2010

Performance at the National Arts Centre For the Sports Fever – the TD Canada Trust Family Adventures with the NAC Orchestra Concert in Southam Hall, January 23, 2010