Year 2002

Champion Day at Wonderland, September 22, 2002
Eleven of our gymnasts who won gold medals at the 2002 Ontario Rhythmic Gymnastics Provincial Championships were invited to have a free tour of Wonderland on September 22. Each gymnast received a nice plaque inscribed with her name.

2002 Summer Camp, June – August, 2002
We had a very successful summer camp. Our girls had learned a lot of new skills and are ready for a new exciting season! Our guest coach this year is Erika-Leigh Stirton, who was 1998 Commonwealth Games Champion and 3 times Canadian National Champion.

i-srWNBmG-MCanada Day performance at Parliament Hill, July 1, 2002
The club had the honor to be invited by NCC to perform on Canada Day at Parliament Hill this year again. We sent 16 gymnasts to perform individual and group routines.

Red Ribbon Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Competition, Stittsville, June 1, 2002
We sent 22 inter-club competitive gymnasts to the competition. Our Child Dynamic group won the first place in the creative routine and all-around bronze medal. We also won many ribbons.

2002 Ontario Provincial Championships, Ottawa, May 17-19, 2002
The club had the honour to host the 2002 Ontario Provincial Championships at the University of Ottawa on May 17-19, 2002. It was a great success in terms of organization and competition results. We sent 17 girls to the Championships. 11 girls won gold medals (3 groups). 4 girls won bronze (group and individual). Our girls also won 14 ribbons (4th-8th) and 3 all-around trophies. There were 182 gymnasts participated in the event from across Ontario.

May 4-5, 2002, York Stars Invitational
We sent 7 girls to the York Stars Invitational and won 1 silver, 3 bronze, and 8 ribbons (4th-8th).

Cayuga Group Routines Demo, Cayuga, Ontario, April 20, 2002
We sent 7 girls (teen group) to the Cayuga Group Routines Demo. Our group routine won a trophy. There were over 200 gymnasts and dancers participated in the event from across Ontario.

2002 East Divisional Provincial Qualifier, Toronto, April 12-13, 2002
We sent 19 girls to the East Qualifier competition and won 12 medals (6 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze) and 8 ribbons (4th-8th). The medals include two all-around gold medals for individual routines and two gold medals for group routines.

Rhythmik Quebec Invitational, Montreal, March 22-24, 2002
We sent 11 girls to the competition and won 13 medals (6 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze) and 16 ribbons (4th-8th), as well as an all-around trophy.

2002 Ontario Winter Games, Guelph, March 7-9, 2002
We sent 2 girls to the 2002 Ontario Winter Game. Our girls’ team won a group bronze medal. The medals were based on overall group performance only.

The 12th Annual Etobicoke Invitational Competition, Toronto, February 22-24, 2002
We sent 13 girls to the competition and won 8 medals (5 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze) and 17 ribbons (4th-8th). 147 gymnasts (both provincial and national) from 14 clubs participated in the competition. The medals include two all-around gold medals for individual routines.